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10/3/07 07:45 am - Story in TV Guide...

Michelle Ryan is on the cover of the latest TV Guide and there's a fairly decent story about her and the show inside! Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

4/17/07 05:50 pm - Tired today...

God, the wind was horrible today and we were outside most of the time. The flowers I just planted in pots on the back porch are all ratty and windblown now. At least it didn't rain. Usually on every day that I try to do something outside, it rains.

I am so tired today too. I've been taking the vitamins and eating more of certain foods but I still feel draggy, even on days when I haven't done much. Of course, I don't sleep well yet, for about 3 to 4 hours right after I first go to bed and then awake off and on the rest of the night.

4/7/07 07:42 am - I'm staying home today...

I'm not going anywhere, I'm not doing anything. I'm going to sit on my butt and relax, maybe read one of my almost overdue library books and watch a movie on TV. The kitchen can stay dirty and the clothes unwashed. Now I will feed and water the animals but that's it. Nothing else.

3/21/07 03:52 pm - I feel like shit...

Excuse my language but I do not feel well at all today. I feel wonky-headed. I'm lightheaded, vaguely nauseous, sleepy like I could just lie down on the floor and go to sleep. My back hurts, my legs hurt. I came home early and I think I will lie down awhile. BUT I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO...I don't have time or money to be sick.

3/12/07 06:31 pm - I like routine...

I like routine, no I LOVE routine. I know sometimes things have to change sometimes but at least give me a good reason.

This week has been crazy at work, all the schedules changed, very busy at some times of the day and slooooow at others. The boss is skulking around...I do not exagerate...every corner making the weirdest suggestions. I think the woman is from Mars or something. Then we were told that we could not leave campus during lunch break. Hello? We have always been able to leave...we do not get paid for that time...now we have to ask permission to leave. Then there were several other little things to do with the time. I can live with it all except for the lunch thing. I am not eating in the cafeteria...the food is like bad TV dinners. If I bring something to eat, I'd have to figure out where to store it. But most of all I'll miss that little breather from being shut inside all day. Arrrrggghhhhhh. I can talk to her about it I suppose but I'll have to wait a couple of days to cool off.
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